The Listings (Updated 5-9-16)

Requesting is underway!

How it works: email me the item(s) you’d like and I’ll send a shipping invoice and send them to you. Send them back when you’re ready (up to 90 days).  Details and specifics are at the bottom of this page.

The sizing grid in the pictures is to see dimensions as plane manufacturer sizes are very inconsistent. The solid lines are 1″ apart, dotted lines are at 1/2″ intervals and the faint lines are 1/4″.

You may have to scroll the right or rotate the screen on mobile devices for images to appear properly.  This is just a start to determine interest level and work out any kinks in the system.

Update: I have just finished cleaning a half set of hollows and rounds from various makers. Email me the sizes you would like as they are not listed individually yet. Early feedback has been quite positive from the users — so get in on the action!


Item Size Type Maker Available Images

Bench and Joinery

SR-01 1″ Skew Rabbet Ohio Tool Co Out
SR-02 1.25″ Skew Rabbet Mathiesons Campbell Brand Yes
GS-01 1.5″ Horned Smoother ECE Yes
CS-01 2″ Coffin Smoother Auburn Yes
MF-01 2″ Moving Fillester Sandusky Yes

Common Profiles

CP-Q0501 1/2″ Quirked Ogee Sandusky Yes
SB-0501 1/2″ Side Bead Trenam Out
SB-0502 1/2″ Side Bead Bensen & Crannell Out
SB-3801 3/8″ Side Bead Varvill & Sons Out
SB-5801 5/8″ Side Bead Routledge Yes
SC-5801 5/8″ Cove Turrings Yes
CP-Q5801 5/8″ Quirked Ogee Crow Yes
CP-O3401 3/4″ Ogee Alex Mathieson & Son Yes
CP-Q5802 5/8″ Quirked Ogee Griffiths Yes
CP-Q7801 7/8″ Quirked Ogee Auburn Yes

Complex Profiles

CX-01 1.5″ Complex Moulding Plane D Malloch & Son Yes
CX-02 1.5″ Complex Moulding Plane Mathieson Yes

Hollows & Rounds

I have just finished cleaning a half set of hollows and rounds from various makers. Email me the sizes you would like as they are not listed individually yet. See section below for availability.

H-401 4 Hollow Greenfield Out
R-401 4 Round Greenfield Out
H-601 6 Hollow H Mulson Yes
H-1001 10 Hollow Greenfield Yes
H-1201 12 Hollow Mutter Yes
RS-1201 12 Round Skewed James Howarth Yes
H-1401 14 Hollow Marley Yes

Coming Soon/ Unsorted

2 1/4″ Jack Burley
2 1/8″ Jack Ogontz Tool Co
Various Plow Sandusky
3/4″ Dado Ohio Tool Co
TG-3401 3/4″ Tongue & Groove Pr ZJ McMaster & Co  Yes
Half Set Hollows & Rounds Various  Yes 8’s Out

Out for Repairs

6 Round W Westgarth
3/8″ Dado Ohio Tool Co

Terms of Service

RULE #1: No metal hammers ever.

RULE #2: See Rule #1

Borrower covers shipping with a 10 day grace period each way within the continental US.  I am working on a system which will allow you to reuse  packaging to save cost and hassle.  Loan times are 60 days for bench and joinery planes and 90 days for profiled (moulding) planes as of now. This may change in the future depending on demand.  You may return anything at any time for another item.

If anything arrives damaged or incorrect let me know immediately for a resolution. If you break it, let me know and send it back even if you broke Rule #1.  These are users and in some cases over 200 years old but repairs will be necessary periodically and accidents will happen.

To date we’ve shipped out around a dozen planes to 4 users from coast to coast and 1 point in between. All planes have come back in excellent condition and I thank you guys for that.




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