About Brazos Valley Toolworks

My father casually handed me saw from his garage years ago and told me it was his grandfather’s and now it was mine.  I looked at this rusty, dull relic with its missing screw in the handle and asked what on Earth can I do with this! I got the look instantly. His response was simple.  “My grandfather built the Atchafalaya Bridge with this saw. My father built his own house with this saw. I built everything we needed early on with this saw. What have you built?” Just like that, at age 35, I was back at the kid’s table.

People worldwide are determined to make it themselves.  There’s a DIY channel, blogs, YouTube videos and Google. The desire is there but the HOW has disappeared in modern households.  My aim is to provide the tools necessary for people to get started.

Like many new woodworkers I read a book and bought power tools and logged on to eBay and was frustrated.  These chisels are junk! It didn’t cut where the laser was!  Back to YouTube, read more books, and now you have a poorly sharpened chisel and mostly understand the meaning of “the line”.  You’ve got a side table now made of lumber from a box store with a blotchy finish but it’s YOUR side table/workbench/XYZ station.  But to get a seat the big kids table you need a 220 service and a router table with laser lights and wifi.

That’s when I got an old saw with my great grandfather’s initials carved in it.  I want you to borrow this saw.  I want to share that “A-ha!” moment when you get it.  And I want you to pass it on.


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