It’s a start!

Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve learned to love wooden planes recently and have found the vast majority of special use planes tend to sit.  I plan to loan them out to people who may have a temporary need for them, want to try them or want to copy them. They are fun, ancient yet viable and relaxing to use.

You must hate the metal planes then! Not at all; I just hate shipping them.

I will also be making my own planes (and irons?) and posting how to’s, what went wrongs, and reviews of the local ER staff.  Hopefully we all learn something along the way besides Fire Hot.  There will be a Resources section in the future with links to videos and tutorials on various woodworking and blade making tips and tricks.

I have opened the Library page for now but have removed the email links for requesting until I can get situated. There are still plenty of planes left to tune up and photograph but here’s a small sample of what’s ready to ship now:


First tip from the blog: If you photograph a bunch of things that are similarly shaped all at once it’s real hard to figure out which is which later. In the future I’ll do it a tad slower. Curse you, ambiguous IMG_0229!

This is a free blog site so the early goings will be somewhat rough around the edges.  I’d rather be planing than coding.  Heck, I’d rather do my taxes than code webpages — at least there’s an end to that!

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or bad joke using the link at the top of the page and let’s help keep this community of people who enjoy the hard way flourishing!